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[KICKSTARTER BACKERS ONLY] Thousand Empty Light - add-ons
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This is the add-ons page for physical backers of the Thousand Empty Light Kickstarter.

Please note: If the email address for your purchase does not match the one you used for your Kickstarter physical level pledge, the order will not be fulfilled.

If you've stumbled on this page but you are not a Kickstarter backer or you have only backed at a digital level, head to the pre-orders page instead.

What are the add-ons?

These are the same as those available during the Kickstarter campaign. Please refer to that page for more details about each one.

The tape cassette will be a limited edition of 250. Please note: the tape is now sold out

Can I buy the 'MAINTAIN THE LIGHT' patch?

Afraid not. This was a limited edition item that was only available to day one backers and those who backed the original Collector's package.


Shipping for your Kickstarter pledge and anything else you add on here will be charged separately at a later date. Please consult the Kickstarter page for estimates and a note about customs fees.

DO NOT complete your order with the shipping cost that this online store will automatically add. There's important information in this Kickstarter update about how to avoid this.

Finally, if you're buying lots of add-ons, or you're a Collector's package backer and adding extra items, there's a high chance shipping (when it's eventually charged) will be more expensive. This is hard to estimate exactly, but expect shipping to be in the region of 50-75% more expensive.

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