Hill Marks

Hill Marks

Detailing the origins and meaning of mysterious land markings, this game guides you through making your own divinatory oracle (which you can use for general solo TTRPG play). But, a secret lies at the heart of the thing which will lead the most intrepid solo players on a dark trip through a deceptive and cruel landscape.

On a hiking trip in the Schmidtland hills in the 1960s [John] Grey extensively mapped the area and stumbled upon an exciting discovery that would be the key to unlocking the mystery of the marks.

Use Hill Marks as a simple procedure for making your own solo oracle or go beyond and follow the mysterious trail — the choice is yours.

This game is designed as a 6 page trifold pamphlet. It was part of the 2023 Wondercabinet Invitational — a collection of unique games made by a curated group of designers inspired by randomised collections of oddities and ephemera. Find out more at wondercabi.net.

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